About Me

I have over 25 years of experience in the field of Early
Childhood Education.  I have worked in a variety of settings
from an urban homeless shelter to a corporate child care center
to a Yeshiva.  Each experience has taught me something new
about the field and myself.  All of these experiences have helped
me understand and appreciate the diversity of our field.

Classroom teacher for preschool and second grade
Center director in for profit and not for profit centers for
children ages birth to teens
College instructor specializing in director’s needs
Training and technical assistance specialist to Head
Start programs
Organizer of a Two Day Regional Early Head Start
Presenter at state and national conferences including
the Birth to Three Institute and the National Conference
for Young Children without Homes
Consultant to child care centers
Past co-president of New Haven AEYC
Volunteer in domestic violence programs
Creator of The Resource Center for New Haven School
Member of the Renaissance Committee for the
Connecticut Children’s Museum

My love of nature and science starts at home. I live with 3 cats,
2 anoles, 3 frogs, 3 toads, 4 hermit crabs, a parakeet and a 55
gallon fish tank.  I love to travel and spend time outdoors.  My
other interests are cooking, baking, reading, collecting Kromex,
and country music.  
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This is the best workshop I've been to in four days.
It's just what I've been waiting for.
~ Participant at
Birth to Three Institute - 2009
Washington DC

Sharon's class was a terrific experience. I am re-
energized and ready to take back some fresh ideas to my
~ Joy - Director's course - CT Charts-A-Course - 2008

Many providers wrote how they loved the drawing
activity and appreciated that the workshop was hands-
on.  Others wrote how they enjoyed thinking back to
their childhood and realized that they could create the
same treasured moments for their children. Our
providers realized now that children can advance their
development while simultaneously having the time of
their life.
~ Janna - ALL OUR KIN - CT - 2007

I loved Sharon's examples of inexpensive science
activities. She was enthusiastic and high-energy.  
~ CHILDSPAN's 2007 | Leadership Institute - RI

A lot of energy - Appreciated the tons of ideas and
suggestions for dealing with Infants and Toddlers who
have had trauma.              
~ Participant at Birth to Three Institute - 2007
 Washington DC

Sharon's understanding of child development and
appropriate curriculum for preschool aged children is
rock-hard, based in both a strong theoretical
understanding and her own experiences as a classroom
teacher and program director.  
~ Denise - CT School Readiness Program - 2001
It is only as we develop
others that we
permanently succeed.

~Harvey Samuel Firestone
Sharon during a training session
Carile - one of my cats
Hermet Crab walking around his home
It's he so cute!
Goldie - in his home outside enjoying the weather
Pinkie - large ciclid in his tank